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Flixel is more than an application - it’s also a creative agency. Flixel Photos Inc provides consulting for brands and agencies, and offers a complete visual package using cinemagraphs to enhance any type of campaign.

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Historically, agencies & brands have had two visual media types to choose from: photo & video. Cinemagraph photos combine the best of both worlds; the timeless quality of photography, and the captivating aspect of video.

Flixel Photos can transform the way brands promote their products through creative storytelling. With Flixel images, a hint of motion brings breakfast to life as bacon sizzles away and steam endlessly rises from a cup of coffee.

Done right, Cinemagraph pictures have an undeniably mesmerizing quality. Flixel Photos’ unparalleled level of experience in this new medium can take any campaign to the next level.

What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive creation & distribution strategy with these Living Photos. These include:

  • Capture and post-production services for full scale Cinemagraph shoots and productions leveraging our technology.
  • A specialized distribution channel within our app that allows fans to engage with the content in an interactive way through sharing, commenting and even creating new content with our tools.
  • Cross-platform viewing technology - optimized viewing methods that ensure seamless integration at the highest quality possible.
  • Offline strategies for digital screens and billboards.
  • Social media strategies for utilizing Cinemagraph images within each of the major networks used by your brand or agency (including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+).

No matter what the campaign, Flixel Photos can enhance it with end-to-end service providing professional high definition Cinemagraph pictures.

Captured by Adam Zivo

Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Collection Case Study

Our Mandate

Flixel Photos was appointed to bring the Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Collection to life. The collection, created by LF USA and Authentic Brands Group, infuses the actress’ unrivaled personality and retro styling into flirty and fun garments for the modern day fashionista.

Our Approach

Flixel Photos worked with pioneering Canadian photographer, Adam Zivo producing a series of Cinemagraph images showcasing the summer’s 2013 Collection. Elegant and subtle motions were used to enhance the presentation of the collection in a 30 second web commercial. The piece was distributed via Marilyn Monroe’s official social media platforms to fans’ delight.

“The goal was to capture the young, sexy & spirited personality of Marilyn Monroe”

“The goal was to capture the young, sexy and spirited personality of Marilyn Monroe”, said Adam Zivo. “This was accomplished by gracefully bringing fabrics to life in a flowing motion, as well as pinwheels and American flags as the release of the summer collection coincided with 4th of July celebrations.“

“With all of today’s online distractions, we felt that living photos introduced a change in direction by not “overwhelming” the viewer and rather proposed subtler stimuli” said Jim Gibb, Creative Director for the Marilyn Monroe brand. “The impact was much more powerful that way and we were working with an enterprise that was well- accompanied with a robust and optimized distribution channel for our brand to leverage.”

The Results

Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Flixel images received over 500k views

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Captured by Franco Lacosta

Tyra Banks & Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model Case Study

Our Mandate

Flixel Photos was approached by fashion icon and supermodel Tyra Banks to produce high - end Cinemagraph images for the 20th iteration of her hit show, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). After 19 Cycles of beautiful still images, Flixel Photos was brought on board to help breathe new life into the show’s popular photo shoots, Tyra “Judging photos” as well as Banks’ signature “Tyra Mail” messages.

Our Approach

Introducing this new technology to ANTM’s photo shoots was a creatively exciting challenge for the team. For instance, in episode 7, Flixel Photos collaborated with New York photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth to create liquid-like infused garments. “The contestants were used as blank canvases and the motion of the paint gave the appearance of a beautiful gown flowing like liquid fabric, creating an exquisite outcome between stillness and motion, ”said Jaimie Glasson, who oversees the photo shoots as ANTM’s Supervising Producer.

“the melding of video and photo birthing a captivating new visual medium”

Flixel Photos produced 200 Cinemagraph images spanning 13 episodes and worked with a cohort of internationally renowned photographers, ranging from the likes of Douglas Friedman, Franco Lacosta, Matthew Jordan Smith and Yu Tsai. Massimo Campana, who captured Cinemagraph images of Tyra Banks this season, describes the approach as “the melding of video and photo birthing a captivating new visual medium”.

In addition, custom ANTM feeds were developed for Flixel Cinemagraph for iOS. The initiative increased engagement and personalized the experience between cast members and fans.

The Results

  • 5 million views of Gallery featured ANTM and Tyra Cinemagraph pictures on Flixel Cinemagraph’s iOS app
  • 2 million views of Tyra Flixel photos on Facebook
  • Tyra Flixel images received over 1 million likes on Instagram
  • ANTM Cycle 20 viewership increases by 25%
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Captured by Tolot / Dalla Chiesa

Panasonic’s Lumix GM1 Camera Launch & Designer Diego Binetti Case Study

Our Mandate

During Photo Plus Expo 2013, Flixel Photos was invited to partner with Panasonic USA to help promote hybrid photography in support of the Lumix GM1 Camera Launch. For the event, we created a series of high-fashion “living photos” captured with the GM1, exhibiting the new fashion-accessory-like Lumix camera and Diego Binetti’s Couture.

Our Approach

The Lumix GM1 was being marketed as a fashion accessory; having a modern micro tech design and ultra compact body, it is the smallest interchangeable lens camera ever. Only fitting that a high fashion shoot was to be the context for the creative storytelling. For this, Flixel Photos partnered with New York based Fashion Designer Diego Binetti. The Cinemagraph images highlighted elements and key accessories of Binetti’s Collection all while drawing attention to the camera, emphasizing its cool fashionista factor and the event’s core message: hybrid photography.

“The suggestion of motion, in a work of art represents an extraordinary optical form”

"The suggestion of motion, in a work of art, said Binetti, represents an extraordinary optical form. Flixel Photos elevates to a higher degree. It intensifies and magnifies the details of my creations, bringing them to life." The Flixel images were unveiled on 60-inch Panasonic digital displays laid out across the venue in Times Square.

The Results

Panasonic's living photos of the GM1 received over 1 million views.

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